Historical Events

From the Age of Enlightenment to the Christmas Truce, learn about some of history's most pivotal events.

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World War I lasted more than four horrific years. But that first Christmas, soldiers from both sides spontaneously put down their guns, shook hands and celebrated together.

By Josh Clark

It's hard to believe that 100 years ago, the United States tried its best to legally ban alcohol. Prohibition spawned illegal speakeasies, organized crime and economic turmoil. Learn about it in this article.

By Alia Hoyt

World War I, also known as the Great War, left Germany and other countries humiliated and angry. This view was ignored. Learn about events that led to World War II.

By the editors of Legacy Publishers


World War II was a horrific period in history during which 50 million people perished from death camps, atomic bombs, and years of battle. Often called the Janus event of the 20th century, WWII is truly unforgettable. Learn how the Allies defeated Nazi Germany.

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Nelson Mandela was arrested on August 5, 1962. This arrest set in motion a chain of events that made Nelson Mandela a household name around the world.

By Marshall Brain

The Hindenburg crash was a disaster on the scale of the Titanic. Learn about the Hindenburg crash, from the history of dirigibles to what may have gone wrong.

By Marshall Brain

Aspics and gelatin salads used to be more common foods on Western menus, but they have largely vanished from the table. Could savory gelatin make a comeback?

By Maria Trimarchi