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  • 10 Folk Cures You Should Never Try

    10 Folk Cures You Should Never Try

    Comedian Chris Rock once joked that his father's prescription for any ailment was Robitussin. And his dad wasn't alone: Plenty of families swear by various folk remedies handed down through the generations. Problem is, they simply don't work.

  • How Emily Post Works

    How Emily Post Works

    Emily Post might've been born into high society, but it took years of ups and downs before she would emerge as America's preeminent — and surprisingly open-minded — etiquette expert.

  • Why do people avoid stepping on cracks?

    Why do people avoid stepping on cracks?

    Generations of pedestrians have avoided stepping on cracks to prevent their poor mothers' backs from being broken. Is there a reason for this practice, or is it just another baseless superstition?

  • The Druids and Stonehenge

    Did the Druids really build Stonehenge?

    The Druids certainly used Stonehenge, but it appears that building the monument was more of a multi-group effort.

  • 10 Folk Cures You Should Never Try
  • How Emily Post Works
  • Why do people avoid stepping on cracks?
  • The Druids and Stonehenge
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