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Barebones Parliament

Barebones Parliament, the governing body in England from July 4 to about December 11, 1653.

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  • Renaissance


    Renaissance, in a broad sense, the culturally fruitful period of transition from the medieval era into the beginning of modern civilization in Europe. See more »

  • Congress of Vienna

    Congress of Vienna

    Vienna, Congress of, a conference held in Vienna after the Napoleonic Wars. It was never formally opened or closed, but negotiations began in 1814 and ended in 1815. See more »

  • Englightenment History

    Englightenment History

    The Enlightenment, a period in European history that occurred during the 18th century. See more »

  • Feudalism


    Feudalism, the prevailing form of political organization in western and central Europe from 900 to 1300. See more »

  • Hanseatic League

    Hanseatic League

    Hanseatic League, a commercial association of northern German cities that flourished between 1250 and 1500. See more »

  • Industrial Revolution

    Industrial Revolution

    Industrial Revolution, the change from the use of hand methods of manufacturing to machine methods. See more »

  • Lake Dwellers

    Lake Dwellers

    Lake Dwellers, or Pile Dwellers, prehistoric people of the Alpine region of Europe who built houses at the edge of lakes. See more »

  • Austria-Hungary


    Austria-Hungary, or Austro-Hungarian Empire, a country in central Europe from 1867 until 1918, At its greatest extent its area included what are now Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and portions of adjoining countries. See more »

  • Balance of Power

    Balance of Power

    Balance of Power, a relatively equal distribution of economic and military strength among rival countries or groups of countries. See more »

  • Barebones Parliament

    Barebones Parliament

    Barebones Parliament, the governing body in England from July 4 to about December 11, 1653. See more »

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