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Carl Akeley

Akeley, Carl Ethan (1864-1926), a United States taxidermist, inventor, explorer, and sculptor.

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  • Carl Akeley

    Carl Akeley

    Akeley, Carl Ethan (1864-1926), a United States taxidermist, inventor, explorer, and sculptor. See more »

  • David Livingstone

    David Livingstone

    Livingstone, David (1813-1873), a British missionary and the greatest of all explorers in Africa. See more »

  • Henry M. Stanley

    Henry M. Stanley

    Stanley, Sir Henry Morton (1841-1904), an Anglo-American journalist and explorer of Africa. See more »

  • Emin Pasha

    Emin Pasha

    Emin Pasha, the assumed name of Eduard Schnitzer (1840-1892), a German surgeon who became an African explorer and government official. See more »

  • John H. Speke

    John H. Speke

    Speke, John Hanning (1827-1864), a British explorer of Africa. He was the discoverer of the source of the White Nile. See more »

  • Mungo Park

    Mungo Park

    Park, Mungo (1771-1806), a Scottish explorer. Leading two West African expeditions, 179-97 and 1805-06, Park became the first to explore the Niger River in modern times. See more »

  • Paul B. Du Chaillu

    Paul B. Du Chaillu

    Du Chaillu, Paul Belloni (1831-1903), a French-American explorer. His observations in Explorations and Adventures in Equatorial Africa (1861) were ridiculed and disputed by some scientists, but were later confirmed by travelers. See more »

  • Samuel W. Baker

    Samuel W. Baker

    Baker, Samuel White (1821-1893), a British explorer of Africa. Accompanied by his wife, Florence, he discovered Lake Albert in 1864. See more »

  • Sir Harry Johnston

    Sir Harry Johnston

    Johnston, Sir Harry Hamilton (1858-1927), a British administrator and explorer. See more »

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