American History

Explore the development of the United States with this collection of articles about American history. Topics in this section include the American Revolution, the gold rush and the expansion of the West.

The American Revolution was a conflict in which America fought to gain independence from the oppressive British monarchy. The topics covered in this section explain the history of the war and who some of the key people were.

The Civil War was a conflict that threatened to break the relatively new country of America apart. Here you can explore the causes of this conflict and how some of the major battles in this war played out.

The effort to expand the American borders to the Pacific Ocean was met with frequent clashes between the government and the Native Americans who laid claim to the land. Here you can learn about life on the frontier and the rise of the cowboy.

The early 1900s in America was a point in time when the Industrial Revolution was changing the way many Americans made a living. The topics in this section cover daily life in this time period and how new inventions changed the working world.

Life after World War II was marked by clashes between different economic beliefs. Topics in this section include the rise of communism in America and the controversial Rosenberg trial.

The 1920s and 30s saw the rise of gangsters and the collapse of the economy, which brought the Great Depression. Here you can learn about some of the important figures and major events that happened during this time in American history.

The 1960s was a period in American history that was marked with conflict and social revolution. Here you can find information about major events that took place in the 1960s and events in the modern era.