The Polar History section contains information about the people that explored the furthest reaches of the globe. In this section, you can learn about some of the explorers that set out to find the ends of the Earth.

Paul A. Siple

Siple, Paul A. (Allman) (1908-1968), a United States explorer, geographer, and biologist.

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  • History of Antarctica

    History of Antarctica

    For centuries, it was believed that a great unknown continent encompassed much of the southern end of the globe. See more »

  • William Baffin

    William Baffin

    Baffin, William (1584-1622), an English navigator. He was pilot of the ship Discovery searching for the Northwest Passage. See more »

  • Richard E. Byrd

    Richard E. Byrd

    Byrd, Richard E. (Evelyn) (1888-1957), a United States naval officer, aviator, and polar explorer. See more »

  • Adolphus Greely

    Adolphus Greely

    Greely, Adolphus Washington (1844-1935), a United States army officer and Arctic explorer. See more »

  • Charles Wilkes

    Charles Wilkes

    Wilkes, Charles (1798-1877), a United States naval officer and explorer. As a lieutenant, Wilkes commanded the U.S. See more »

  • D. B. Macmillan

    D. B. Macmillan

    MacMillan, Donald Baxter (1874-1970), a United States Arctic explorer and scientist. See more »

  • Duke of the Abruzzi

    Duke of the Abruzzi

    Abruzzi, Luigi Amedeo, Duke of the (1873-1933), an Italian naval officer and explorer, noted for his mountain-climbing expeditions. See more »

  • Elisha K. Kane

    Elisha K. Kane

    Kane, Elisha Kent (1820-1857), a United States arctic explorer. Kane Basin, which separates Greenland from Ellesmere Island. See more »

  • Frederick Cook

    Frederick Cook

    Cook, Frederick Albert (1865-1940), a United States physician and explorer. Cook led an expedition to the Arctic in 1908 and declared that he had reached the North Pole a year before Robert E. See more »

  • Fridtjof Nansen

    Fridtjof Nansen

    Nansen, Fridtiof (1861-1930), a Norwegian Arctic explorer, scientist, and statesman. See more »

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