Beatty of the North Sea and of Brooksby, David Beatty, First Earl (1871–1936), a British naval officer. He was a rear admiral by the time he was 39. In August, 1914, commanding British battle cruisers, Beatty won a crushing victory over German light forces in Helgoland Bight in the North Sea. The following January, at the Battle of Dogger Bank, his ships sank the large cruiser Blücher and severely damaged the battle cruiser Seydiltz. At Jutland in 1916, two of Beatty's six battle cruisers were sunk by the German scouting fleet, but Beatty successfully lured the German High Seas Fleet into action with the larger British Grand Fleet. He succeeded Admiral Jellicoe as commander of the Grand Fleet in 1917. Beatty became first sea lord and was raised to the peerage in 1919.