Agricola, Gnaeus Julius, (37?–93 A.D.), a Roman general and statesman. He conquered most of Britain and did much to Romanize the island. A biography of Agricola was written by the historian Tacitus, his son-in-law.

Agricola saw military service in many parts of the Roman Empire. In 78 he was appointed governor of Roman Britain. Agricola conquered northern Wales and southern Scotland as far as the Highlands. He later defeated the Scottish Caledonians in battle but did not entirely subdue them. Agricola sent his fleet around Britain to prove it was an island. In his effort to establish Roman culture he built roads, temples, baths, and other public works.

Agricola was recalled in 84 and spent his later years in retirement. Tacitus portrays him as a man of the highest Roman virtues, and writes that he was removed because Emperor Domitian was jealous.