The American Revolution was a conflict in which America fought to gain independence from the oppressive British monarchy. The topics covered in this section explain the history of the war and who some of the key people were.
  • Prelude to War
  • American Leaders
  • Battles & Incidents
  • British Leaders
  • Documents & Artifacts
  • Historical Landmarks
  • Organizations
  • Post-Revolutionary War

McHenry, James (1753-1816), a United States public official and a signer of the federal Constitution.

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How the Louisiana Purchase Worked

President Jefferson sent a couple of his representatives over to France to buy the city of New Orleans. What he got was the Louisiana Purchase, a patch of land that nearly doubled the size of the young nation.

Patrick Henry

Henry, Patrick (1736-1799), a United States orator and statesman. He was one of the first American patriots to speak out against taxation by Britain.

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