Catton, (Charles) Bruce (1899-1978), a United States author and historian. Catton was awarded the 1954 Pulitzer history prize for A Stillness at Appomattox (1953), the last volume of his trilogy on the Civil War. Mr. Lincoln's Army appeared in 1951; Glory Road in 1952.

Catton was born in Petoskey, Michigan. He began his career in 1920 as a newspaper reporter. He helped to found American Heritage magazine in 1954 and was senior editor from 1959 until his death.

His other books include: This Hallowed Ground (1956); Grant Moves South (1960); The Centennial History of the Civil War (3 volumes, 1961-65); Grant Takes Command (1969); Michigan: a Bicentennial History (1976); The Bold and Magnificent Dream: America's Founding Years, 1492-1815 (with his son, William B., 1978); andReflections on the Civil War (1982).