History vs. Myth

You don’t need fiction when history provides you with tales as crazy as the ones we’ve collected for you. Read up while your jaw drops.

Does the Parthenon really follow the golden ratio?

The iconic Greek temple known as the Parthenon was thought to have been built following a mathematical concept called the golden ratio. Did it really?

Why has Jimmy Hoffa’s body never been found?

The disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa has been a mystery for nearly 40 years, with numerous theories as to what happened and where his body might be.

Was Isaac Newton really hit in the head with an apple?

The story of Newton discovering gravity by getting hit in the head with an apple is a classic. Is there any truth to it?

Was Napoleon really short?

If someone of small stature exhibits bullying behavior, that person is sometimes said to have a Napoleon complex. Did Napoleon himself have one, though?

Were there binoculars aboard the Titanic?

Imagine that one vital piece of equipment could've saved the Titanic ... if only one person hadn't forgotten to pass along the key to where it was stored.

Were witches really burned at the stake in Salem?

The infamous Salem witch trials showed what mass hysteria can do. But did those falsely accused witches suffer further by being burned?

Did the Druids really build Stonehenge?

The Druids certainly used Stonehenge, but it appears that building the monument was more of a multi-group effort.

Did the Spanish Flu pandemic really start in Spain?

More people died during the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 than during World War I, but is it unfair to associate this strain of flu with Spain?

Did Mussolini really keep the trains running on time?

Mussolini's dictatorship was brutal, but supposedly efficient. The saying is that he kept the trains running on time, but did he?

Did Romans really purge their bellies in vomitoria?

The ancient Romans were so decadent in their feasting that it's said they'd vomit mid-feast in a special room just so they could eat more.