The Columbus Family

Bartholomew Columbus

(1445?–1514?), Christopher's brother, was governor of Haiti (1496–98) and founder of Santo Domingo (1496). He accompanied Christopher on his last voyage and held government offices in Santo Domingo.

Diego Columbus

(1450?–1515?), another brother, was on Christopher's second voyage and governed Isabella and Santo Domingo for a time. He later became a priest.

Diego Columbus

(1480?–1526), Christopher's son, was created Admiral of the Indies and governor of Hispaniola (1509). He was recalled in 1523 to answer charges made by his enemies. Although not convicted, he died without regaining his rights. His son, Luis (1521?–1572), was granted the island of Jamaica and given the titles Duke of Veragua and Marquis of Jamaica.

Ferdinand Columbus

(1488–1539) was the illegitimate son of Christopher Columbus and Beatriz Enríquez of Córdoba. He accompanied his father on his last voyage and later wrote his biography.