The early 1900s in America was a point in time when the Industrial Revolution was changing the way many Americans made a living. The topics in this section cover daily life in this time period and how new inventions changed the working world.


Venustiano Carranza

Carranza, Venustiano (1859 - 1920), a Mexican general and political leader. He assumed presidential powers in 1914, and in 1915, after a year of civil war, was accepted as provisional president.

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  • 11 Highlights of 1907
    11 Highlights of 1907

    As 2007 comes to a close, it's fascinating to take a look back and see how things have changed. A century ago, most of us could only expect to live until about 50! Check out this list of some of the major events of 1907. See more »

  • Dust Bowl
    Dust Bowl

    Dust Bowl, the popular name for that part of the southern Great Plains subjected to severe wind erosion during the 1930's. See more »

  • Early Twentieth Century Railroads
    Early Twentieth Century Railroads

    The turn of the century brought a new wave of optimism and amazing new technologies. It was also a time of unprecedented expansion in the railroad industry -- until World War I arrived. See more »

  • Initiative and Referendum
    Initiative and Referendum

    Initiative and Referendum, two methods of direct lawmaking by the people. These two devices of direct legislation are sometimes used where the voters have become too numerous or scattered to assemble in one meeting. See more »

  • La Follette
    La Follette

    La Follette, a family prominent in United States politics and active in the Progressive movement in Wisconsin. See more »

  • Panama Canal
    Panama Canal

    Panama Canal, a ship canal across the Isthmus of Panama joining the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. See more »

  • Prohibition

    Prohibition, in the United States, the forbidding by law of the sale—and usually also of the manufacture and transportation—of alcoholic beverages. See more »

  • Pure Food and Drug laws
    Pure Food and Drug laws

    Pure Food and Drug Laws, federal laws to ensure the purity and safety of foods, drugs, cosmetics, therapeutic devices, and related products. See more »

  • Era of Theodore Roosevelt
    Era of Theodore Roosevelt

    Theodore Roosevelt believed that the Chief Executive should be an aggressive leader in both foreign and domestic affairs. See more »

  • Francisco Villa
    Francisco Villa

    Villa, Francisco (known as Pancho ), the assumed name of Doroteo Arango (1877 - 1923), a Mexican outlaw and revolutionary leader. See more »

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