World War II was a dark period in the history of the world. This section covers topics about some of the many people and events that took place during the course of World War II.
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Battle of the Bulge. Germany staged its last great attack in December, 1944, when Rundstedt again struck through the Ardennes, scene of the 1940 triumph.

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Joseph Goebbels

Goebbels, Joseph Paul (1897-1945), a German Nazi propagandist. As minister of propaganda in Adolf Hitler's Third Reich, 1933-45, he not only used the press, radio, and other forms of communication to serve the Nazi regime, but also molded German cultural life to that end.

Nazi Germany Conquers France: April 1940-December 1940

This World War II timeline highlights important dates from April 1940 to December 1940. On May 10, 1940, Hitler had his troops begin the invasion of France in lands the Allies thought impassible by an army. Follow the events of World War II and the German invasion.

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