Indian Mutiny, or Sepoy Mutiny, 1857, a rebellion of native troops (sepoys) against the British in India. (Indian Mutiny and Sepoy Mutiny are the names by which the revolt is known in the West; in India it is generally called the Indian Revolt or the First War of Independence.) The mutiny occurred mainly in the Bengal army. It stemmed from dissatisfaction caused by the recent British annexation of many native states and the rapid introduction of Western customs. In May, 1857, sepoys at Meerut revolted and marched on Delhi. After capturing the city they made the puppet Mogul emperor their leader. Delhi was retaken by the British in September.

The other center of rebellion was Lucknow, where a British garrison withstood a lengthy siege. As a result of the Indian Mutiny, the East India Company was abolished and its territory transferred to the British Crown. The Mogul emperor was deposed and his sons were shot.