Duluth (also Du Luth, Dulhut , or Du Lhut ), Daniel Greysolon, Sieur (1636–1710), a French explorer of North America. He was highly respected by the Indians and did much to establish the French empire in the Minnesota-Wisconsin region.

Duluth was born near Paris, and after serving in the king's guard, went to Montreal, Canada, in 1672. In 1678 he went to Lake Superior to settle the Ojibway-Sioux War, which had closed the western routes. He concluded a treaty with the Indians near the site of Duluth, Minnesota, in 1679.

The Indians took Duluth to their large village at Lake Mille Lacs in what is now northern Minnesota. Here he claimed the upper Mississippi for France. In 1680 he secured the release of three members of La Salle's expedition, including Father Louis Hennepin. Duluth made later expeditions to Lake Superior, and fought several times against the Iroquois.