Bennington, Battle of, August 16, 1777, an American victory in the Revolutionary War, fought near Bennington, Vermont. British general John Burgoyne, who was moving his army south from Canada, planned a raid on the American supply depot at Bennington. Some 800 troopsmainly Hessians and Loyalistsunder Lieutenant Colonel Friedrich Baum engaged about 1,300 New England militia commanded by General John Stark of New Hampshire. Many of the militia were Green Mountain Boys, organized to promote the independence of Vermont. The Americans routed the enemy after a two-hour battle. When reinforcements arrived for both sidesabout 650 troops sent by Burgoyne and some 350 militiamenthe fighting resumed. Again, the British were driven back.

British casualties were more than 200 dead and 700 captured; 14 Americans were killed and 42 wounded. The victory was a boost for American morale and helped set the stage for the defeat of Burgoyne's army at Saratoga in October.

The Battle of BenningtonThe Battle of Bennington monument in Vermont.