Emin Pasha, the assumed name of Eduard Schnitzer (1840–1892), a German surgeon who became an African explorer and government official. He adopted the Islamic religion and the name Emin ("faithful one'') in 1865 when he was appointed surgeon of the Turkish army. In 1876 Emin became medical officer of the Egyptian army in the Sudan. Two years later, General Charles George Gordon appointed him governor of the Sudan's equatorial province.

Emin remained governor, or pasha, after Gordon withdrew, but had to give up territory to advancing Mahdi forces. By 1887, the Sudan was cut off from European communications, and it was feared that Emin was in danger. Henry Stanley led an expedition to rescue him in 1888, and Emin reluctantly left with him. Emin was killed by Arabs while exploring near Lake Tanganyika for the German East Africa Company.