Cimon, (507?–449 B.C.), an Athenian general and statesman. He was the son of Miltiades, the general who won fame at the Battle of Marathon. Cimon distinguished himself against the Persians in the battle of Salamis (480 B.C.). Given command of the Athenian fleet in 477 B.C., he freed the Greek cities of Asia Minor from the Persians. His greatest victory was his defeat of Persia on both land and sea at the Eurymedon River in 466 B.C.

Cimon became the leader of the aristocratic party that favored friendship with Sparta. The democrats, opposed to this policy, had him banished in 461 B.C. He was recalled 10 years later. In 450 B.C. he led an expedition to Cyprus, where he died at the siege of Citium.