Ramsay, Sir Bertram Home (1883–1945), a British naval officer. He was born in Coldstream, Berwick, and joined the navy at 15. He served in World War I and afterward was on the staff of the Naval War College and the Imperial Defence College. In 1935 Ramsay was made chief of staff of the home fleet. He retired in 1938, but returned to active duty at the start of World War II.

Ramsay was in charge of naval operations at the evacuation of the British army from Dunkirk in 1940. He commanded naval units during the invasions of North Africa (1942), Sicily (1943), and Italy (1943), and was the Allied naval commander for the Normandy invasion in 1944. Ramsay was a vice admiral at the time of his death in a plane crash. He was knighted in 1940.