Historical Figures

From Musketeers to Nazis, Archimedes to Harriet Tubman, these famous historical figures changed the course of history -- for better or worse.

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Joseph McCarthy Pictures

American politician and inquisitor Joseph McCarthy (1908 - 1957) became famous for his 1950s investigations into supposed communist subversion. What brought about his downfall?

How Musketeers Worked

The "All for one, one for all" motto of Alexandre Dumas' musketeers may be one of the most famous phrases in fiction. But the story of musketeers -- real musketeers -- began long before they made their literary debut. What were these 17th century soldiers fighting for?

Famous Historical Couples

When these men and women shared their lives with their equally famous other halves. They may be revered (or reviled) for the deeds that secured their presence in history books and pop culture, but they were also loved.

American Flag Pictures

It's a grand old flag! The stars and stripes of the American flag symbolize a nation of united states that are devoted to the ideals of freedom and democracy. From its earliest incarnations to some far-off places it's been flown, we'll explore the genesis and the whereabouts of the American flag.

Who is the most famous person of all time?

Many people enjoy their cliched 15 minutes these days, but their notoriety quickly fizzles out. The most famous among us remain iconic across generations. But how can you measure John Lennon's fame against Muhammad's?

Men of War Image Gallery

Becoming famous through war is nothing new -- many military men have been lauded and feared throughout history. Many have had long political careers as well. We’ve collected photos of leaders -- from Caesar to MacArthur -- who have been characterized as both heroes and villains.

Who was the Swamp Fox?

He was called the "Washington of the South," but Francis Marion's guerilla war tactics were less distinguished than Gen. George Washington's.

Who was Typhoid Mary?

She was a humble Irish immigrant working as a cook in New York's prestigious Oyster Bay community. Sure, Mary Mallon was a carrier of typhoid fever, but was she really a ruthless murderer? Some say her trademark dessert was to die for -- literally.

Harriet Tubman Pictures

These Harriet Tubman pictures will show photographs and illustrations of the leader of the Underground Railroad. Get to know this influential woman in this gallery.

Abraham Lincoln Pictures

Take a look at our collection of photographs and illustrations of the Civil War president, Abraham Lincoln.

Royalty Pictures

Our royalty image gallery will show you pictures of famous kings and queens, both ancient and modern.

King Arthur Pictures

King Arthur pictures at HowStuffWorks show illustrations and historical depictions of King Arthur and Camelot. Take a look at pictures of King Arthur.

Inca Pictures

The Inca empire spread across the entire western coast of South America before the arrival of the Spanish. Learn about Inca culture and celebrations in this image gallery.

Maya Pictures

The Maya civilizations were one of the greatest of pre-Columbian America. Their achievements included a full written language and complex mathematics. Take a look at the art and architecture of the ancient Mayans.

How the First Lady Works

Whether you think of the first lady as the nation's hostess or an adviser to the U.S. president, the position has been evolving constantly for the last 200 years. Who defines her role if it lies outside the parameters of the Constitution?

Who was Rosie the Riveter?

With her stoic expression and flexed bicep, Rosie the Riveter really can do it. And for the women of the World War II generation, that meant anything from riveting to welding. But even Rosie's pert, polka-dotted headscarf scraped the glass ceiling.

Lewis and Clark Pictures

The Corps of Discovery set out to explore the Missouri River and made their way across the continent to the Pacific Ocean. See more pictures of Lewis and Clark's expedition.

Christopher Columbus Pictures

Christopher Columbus inspired a popular children's rhyme with his 1492 voyage. Take a look at these pictures to learn more about the explorer and his trips across the Atlantic.

Greek Philosopher Pictures

In addition to their great monuments of architecture, the Greeks left an impressive legacy of ideas. Learn about the lives of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and other great thinkers of ancient Greece.

Who was Marco Polo?

Is the extent of your knowledge about Marco Polo that you're supposed to answer "Polo" when someone swimming in a pool with you yells out "Marco"? Thought so. Well, strap in for a bumpy trek down the Silk Road with one of Europe's greatest explorers.

What was Archimedes' death ray?

Archimedes calculated pi and developed calculus proofs 2,000 years before the subject was invented. Did he really create a death machine with mirrors?

How Joe Biden Works

Joe Biden's combination of tough talk and 35 years of Senate experience made him Barack Obama's VP pick for the 2008 presidential campaign. What are his goals for the vice presidency?

Sarah Palin Pictures

Sarah Palin was the famous Republican vice-presidential candidate in 2008. Learn more about her and her campaign with John McCain in this image gallery.

Joe Biden Pictures

Joe Biden is the newest Vice President of the United States after serving 6 terms in the United States Senate. Check out scenes from his political career and the 2008 campaign.

Barack Obama Pictures

Barack Obama was elected the 44th president of the United States after a hotly contested primary race and general election. Check out photos from his life and the 2008 Obama campaign in this gallery.