History vs. Myth

You don’t need fiction when history provides you with tales as crazy as the ones we’ve collected for you. Read up while your jaw drops.


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Project MKUltra: When the CIA Tested LSD on Unsuspecting Americans

A bad LSD trip can drive a person to suicide. So why would the CIA use American citizens as guinea pigs for its drug research?

7 Beautiful Facts About Aphrodite

You probably know that Aphrodite was the ancient Greek goddess of love. Here are seven other facts you may not know about this enduring symbol of passion.

Why Arkansas Is Never Pronounced 'Ar-Kansas'

Apparently, Kansas is the state whose name is mispronounced.

Who Is the Sandman?

Is he a jolly little man in jammies or a monster carrying a sack of eyeballs? European legend says the Sandman is probably both.

Quiz: How Did States Get Their Names?

What does 'Massachusetts' mean? Why are there two Dakotas when one would have been plenty? Find out what you really know about the names of America's states and where they originated with our quiz.

When Government Conspiracies Come True

Not all conspiracies are bogus. Some have managed to be real, and the work of the government.

Ridiculous History: When an X-wing Pilot Was Questioned After Kennedy's Assassination

After President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, the FBI left no stone unturned during its investigation. At one point, the investigation led to a most unlikely place.

The Mysterious Skeletons in Ben Franklin's Basement

Surely you know Benjamin Franklin was a Founding Father of the United States. But could he also have been a grave robber, or even serial killer?

Was the Iroquois Great Law of Peace the Source for the U.S. Constitution?

A popular meme says that the U.S. Constitution notion of democracy really came from the Iroquois Great Law of Peace, except that the Native Americans' version was more inclusive. How true is this?

Was Hitler Building Advanced UFOs in Antarctica?

U.S. pilots at the time called them foo fighters, but were these UFOs weapons of war being developed by the Nazis? Many still say yes.

Lost Civilization in Grand Canyon Was, Wait, Egyptian?

Conspiracy theorists claim the Smithsonian Institution holds the truth behind the ancient people that once thrived in the Grand Canyon — and they weren't Native Americans.

Meet Talos, the Killer Robot From Ancient Greek Mythology

The ancient Greeks have been warning us about the rise and fall of technology as far back as Talos, everyone's favorite mythological man of bronze.

Will New JFK Files Finally End Assassination Conspiracy Theories?

Thousands of pages related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy are now public information. Will they finally dispel years of conspiracies?

Was Royal Navy Commander 'Buster' Crabb a Double Agent?

Did British Navy diver Lionel Crabb conspire with the Soviets or did they kill him for spying?

Has the Dragon's Triangle Been Swallowing Up Ships for Centuries?

The Bermuda Triangle's Eastern counterpoint — the Dragon's Triangle — is located in the Philippine Sea and has supposedly been swallowing up ships for centuries.

Colossal Conspiracies About Why the Titanic Sank

There's no question the Titanic sank, but could it have been intentional?

Why Treasure Hunters Are Still Searching for the Nazi Gold Train

Scientists and treasure hunters have searched for the fabled Nazi Gold Train for decades, but efforts have stepped up recently, thanks to new technology. A new group of searchers think they have a unique angle.

Inside Yellowstone's 'Zone of Death' Crimes Can't Be Prosecuted

A small area of West Yellowstone National Park has no residents, which opens it up to a strange loophole: lawlessness.

Add September 23 to the Long List of Doomsday Predictions

End-of-days predictions have come and gone for, well, centuries. So, will the Sept. 23, 2017 prophecy be the first to come true?

Did an Alien Contact Japanese Fishermen in 1803?

Were Japanese fishermen visited by a beautiful Russian spy in 1803 — or was it an alien?

How the Grandfather Clock Got Its Name

Why do we call it a grandfather clock — instead of maybe grandmother clock?

Decades Later, the Disappearance of Judge Joseph Force Crater Remains a Mystery

His mysterious vanishing sparked tons of speculation and one of the biggest missing person cases in U.S. history.

The Hunt for Noah's Ark Is Ongoing, Probably Futile, Always Intriguing

The biblical flood myth has captivated millions, some so much that they go out looking to prove it actually happened, or build their own replica arks.

Ridiculous History: How an Irish Beer Became the Authority on World Records

What's the relationship between Guinness beer and the Guinness Book of World Records? How did it start?

There Was an Actual Jones Family Behind 'Keeping Up With the Joneses'

A crumbling brick fortress in New York state proves that it's not so easy to keep up with the Joneses after all.