Clarendon, Edward Hyde, First Earl of (1609–1674), an English statesman and historian. In 1640 Hyde was elected to what came to be called the Long Parliament and emerged as a proponent of curbing royal power. However, he was opposed to some of the drastic changes that the leaders of the Long Parliament proposed and in late 1641 he joined the royalists. During the English Civil War, he was a chief adviser to Charles I, and followed Prince Charles into exile after the royalist defeat. When Cromwell died, Hyde negotiated the return of Charles II to the throne in 1660. The king created him Earl of Clarendon, and made him his chief minister.

Clarendon disapproved of the court's lax morals, and finally antagonized Charles so much that he was exiled again. He died in France after finishing his History of the Rebellion. His daughter was the wife of the king's brother, who became James II. Thus Clarendon was the grandfather of two English queens, Mary II and Anne.